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Dear Madams Sirs,
I offer you mutually advantageous cooperation with our marine agency        
"Azov - Trans" (Kerch, Ukraine)

The basic directions of work of agency are:

Transit agency service
- Agency service of the vessels which are passing Kerch Strait (КЕC), Sea of Azov, the Azov-Don channel;
- An opportunity of posting of a vessel on Ukrainian or Russian side of Kerch-Yeni-Kale channel;
- Always the exact information about position of a vessel and about time of movement of a vessel;
A direct radio communication with a vessel which is taking place in radius of 20 miles from Kerch (it is provided with own radio station in short-range, with own marine channel);
- Passing is without delays (yours vessel will never stand idle pending the pilot !);
-  Informing captains of vessels on priority of passing КЕC;
- The duly notification of captains of vessels, shipowners about a condition status of weather and forecasts;
- Arranging of bunker supply at Kerch strait (w/o of inward/outward formalities, w/o barging).

Port agency service
- Agency service of vessels (which are taking place with cargo operations in any of ports of Kerch, outward road of Kerch and areas #471, #450), including the organization of supply by bunkers, technical materials, provisions, etc;
- Maintenance of all probable measures for the fastest processing of vessels and duly registration of all of necessary shipping documents;
- Performance of all of inward/outward formalities;
- Representation of interests of the shipowner at the resolution of disputes;
- The organization and support of the planned or emergency repair of vessels;
- The control over the organization of stevedore works.

Forwarding service
- Full volume of services in the field of forwarding service of the foreign trade cargoes, moved by sea transport, railway or motor transport;
- Granting the information on opportunities of ports of Kerch on a reception of vessels and transhipments.

Service to cruise ships and yachts
- Maximum speed of performance of formalities;
- Tourist programs with all of sights of Kerch interested to you;
- Individual tourist programs.

Principles of work of agency:

- The reliable information about tariffs in proformas of a disbursement accounts;
- The correct fiscal accounting is exact in time (sending of accounts, pilot's bills and other confirming documents by e-mail in 1-2 days, manuscript records - on delivery times of mail in the  country of the shipowner/operator);
- Application of all probable discounts to tariffs;
- A choice for the client of the most favourable conditions;
- Qualitative service is nondepend of the tonnage of a vessel;
- Discounts and an opportunity of payment by accounts after passing of a vessel in a case with the conclusion of long-term contracts;
- We work round the clock.



With the best regards, the chief of agency “Azov-Trans”
Eduard V. Shatalov



FAX: +7(36561)5-46-40





Eduard V.Shatalov :